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They did an excellent service for us. We appreciate the great customer service along with working with us financially. Their techs are the best. Thanks for a...
Chris Staving was professional, friendly and knowledgeable. He cleaned the unit and found it was low on freon and 2 parts required attention. Chris...
I had my house built in 2008. Alert A/C was not the air-conditioning contractor who installed my HVAC system, but I have had a maintenance contract with Alert A/C for about the past five years and I could not be happier with everything about their service. In September of 2014 I had a compressor go bad on me. I called Alert A/C and they were there on the same day to replace my compressor. Then in October of 2016 my evaporator coil failed. Again I called their office and my evaporator coil was replaced the very next day. They would have replaced it on the same day, but the part had to be ordered. Both of these major parts to my A/C unit were replaced at absolutely no cost to me because I purchased a 10-year warranty with Carrier when I moved into my new home. Whenever I call their office I have always received prompt and courteous answers to all of my questions. But I think the best thing about Alert A/C is the quality of the technicians that they employ. I have probably had four or five different Alert A/C technicians over the past five years (they come to my house two times per year as a regular part of the maintenance contract that I have with them) and they are all professional, courteous, and very knowledgeable people. I would like to single out both Ben and Brad as two of their best technicians. I highly recommend Alert A/C for all of your HVAC needs.